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Heavy perforated pizza pans?


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Heavy perforated pizza pans?

Sid Post | Nov 24, 2013 08:02 AM

I'm looking at the various thick steel plates, a few aluminum ones, and similar things on the various "start up" websites and got to wondering about users experiences in this forum. Who cooks on 1/4 inch steel or really thick aluminum? What is your experience? FWIW, the common pizza stones aren't crisping the way I want so, one of those 1/2" baker specialty stones is an option too.

What I am considering is taking a Lodge cast iron pizza pan and drilling holes in it to vent steam to get a nice thin crust pizza that isn't soggy from trapped steam. Using just the rack and thick dough crusts, they sag and droop between the wire runners but, freezing it lets the dough crisp on the bottom first. This will not work with a thin crust dough and I want more heat to crisp the crust when the dough first goes in then I get from the slower warm up on an open grate.

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