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heavy cream - calculating butterfat content??


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heavy cream - calculating butterfat content??

adamclyde | Oct 23, 2005 07:32 PM

how can I calculate the butterfat content of my heavy cream? I know it varies from brand to brand...

Tell me if this works: The back of my heavy cream says it has 6 grams total fat per serving (tablespoon). There are 32 servings per container (for a total of 2 cups / one pint / 16 ounces). So multiplying 6 grams by 32 gets me 192 total grams of fat per pint. converting grams to ounces says total fat per pint is 6.744 ounces. Dividing that by the total amount (16 ounces) would be around .42125 or 42%. Am I calculating correctly? How accurate is that? (and how accurate is the back panel of the carton?)

If 42% is accurate, then I think I've got some pretty darn good cream, eh? And it is only pasteurized (not ultra pasteurized) so that is an extra bonus. But, just not sure how accurate my calculations are...

By the way, for those interested, I got my cream at Stew Leonards, in Connecticut. I love their dairy products...

thanks in advance.

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