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Healthy processed foods?

janetofreno | Apr 12, 200810:18 PM

OK, so maybe its an oxymoron. But here's what I am looking for:

simple, easy to prepare food easily available at a major supermarket that doesn't contain huge amounts of sodium and most importantly, doesn't have corn syrup as one of the top ingredients. I am trying to avoid both those products for health and other reasons, but its hard to do. EDIT: is it really necessary to add good tasting as a criteria?

DH travels a lot during the week, and I find myself fixing dinner for one more often than not. I have been slammed at work, and I just want to go home, heat up something simple, and put my feet up. But I don't want to eat junk. Even canned "healthy" soups are amazingly high in sodium....I have found some frozen soups that are good (in the organic food section of Albertson's).

Any ideas? I would love a general discussion of ready-made food items that don't contain corn syrup...so many of the cookies and crackers and even pretzels do!! Today I discovered that low-sodium goldfish crackers fit the bill....but woman cannot live on goldfish alone. Ideas??

(Actually, I'm glad that summer will soon be on us. Sure, it'll be hot, but at least then a simple salad or maybe some fruit might be the perfect dinner. In the meantime, I'm still looking for suggestions...)

(And don't suggest the "cook in advance" idea. Until my freezer makes the move down here to Vegas, the little one on top of my refrigerator is already overstuffed...)

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