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Hayward (and Temescal Farmers Market) - Pot Pie Paradise

rworange | Sep 30, 200708:32 PM     6

There was a recent thread on this but I'm hoping to get some more favorites. So far people like - Classic Chicken, Hungarian Goulash, Chicken Tikka Masala, gumbo pie

The reason I'm just not adding to that post is that it got a little off topic. I'm not interested in who else sells pot pies. I'm just interested in this particualar pot pie vendor because they have over 30 varieties of pot pies - savory, sweet, vegetarian and vegan.

Positive reports on Yelp for Spicy Curry Indo Lamb, Roma Vegetarian, Spicy Balinese Beef, Ricotta Spinach, Aussie Steak

Someone was impressed with the home made soups at the deli in Hayward.

Any pot pies that are not that great?

I guess the deli serves them hot out of the oven and they are frozen at Temescal?

Has anyone tried these that I'm interested in:

- Roasted Winter Squash Vegetarian
Roasted Butternut squash, spices, cream, olive oil, soy bean, roasted leek, smoked gouda,vegetables, parmesan cheese, vegan base.

- Javanese Fruit Pie
Plantain, yam, jack fruit, coconut milk, palm sugar, berries.

- Rhubarb Berries and Raisin Pie
Rhubarb, raisins, sugar, liqueur, orange, eggs, berries.

- Bavarian Apple Pie
Granny Smith, sour cream, almonds/walnuts, brown sugar, raisins, spices.

Do they give samples at Temescal? I was in a hurry and just picked up the menu.

Previous report:

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