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What exactly is "Hawai'ian Korean Chicken"?

ipsedixit | Oct 21, 201311:14 AM

I've seen, eaten and read about so many different iterations of this dish, and don't really have a handle on its quiddity.

I've seen it done where it's basically a sweeter version of General Tso (or Orange Chicken) -- e.g. breaded, deep-fried, and then dressed with a soy-brown sugar based sauce.

Along those lines, I've also had Hawai'ian Korean Chicken that are essentially bastardized versions of Mochiko Chicken (no negative connotation meant, by the way).

And then I've also seen it done where it's basically a take on American-style BBQ chicken wings, with again a sweeter take on the sauce.

Still yet, there are places selling this dish where it's basically a Teriyaki Chicken -- e.g. cooked on a flat-top (usu. breast or thighs) then sauced with some sort of ginger-sesame-soy-vinegar based concoction.

So what gives?

Anyone care to chime in or give their 2¢ on this?

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