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Am I the only one who hates using filler in their meatballs?

chaochowciao | Mar 13, 201411:33 PM

I'm talking about meatballs for spaghetti. I've tried every traditional recipe out there with the milk, soaked bread or breadcrumbs, cheese, and yet I've always found that I prefer (by far) just using the meat by itself (seasoned of course).

I've read that all the filler in traditional meatballs are supposed to make them tender, but to me they just end up making them taste doughy and non-meaty (for lack of a better word), while not using any filler gives them a hamburger like consistency which I prefer.

Am I crazy or am I just trying the wrong recipes? Maybe the ingredients I've used aren't good enough quality and that's why my traditional meatballs have failed? Sometimes I can actually taste the cooked dough inside and it's just so off-putting.

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