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What do you HATE about your kitchen?


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What do you HATE about your kitchen?

Afilador | Jan 8, 2011 01:02 PM

Last September I moved into a new apartment, and I find cooking a little less pleasurable every day. I live with 4 non-foodies and, despite being awesome people, they only make it worse.

- No oven (!!!)

- Gas burners are super old and uneven, more like four little bonfires. The knobs are also SUPER sensitive at certain regions.

- Only a 2ft X 1ft area of usable counter space. Part of this area is filled with sawdust spices from the roommates (dried parsley flakes, powdered 'bouquet garni', etc), and a large, cheap drip coffee maker.

- Tiny sink. When I wash dishes (3-5 times a day) the water gets everywhere. It spreads all over the strangely angled counter and onto the floor. My kitchen feels disgusting because it is always so wet with dishwater, it feels like a bathroom at a club.

- It is always freezing cold. These old buildings in Spain are designed to maintain the cold to combat the heat during the day. So when it gets kind of cold during winter (10 C / 50 F) it feels ten degrees colder inside than out. There is no heating nor air conditioning. I want to wear a sweater when doing prep work but the sleeves get in the way.

- It never stays clean. With five people living here, and in a country where you have to walk everywhere, the floor is always filthy. The three girls leave hair and cigarette ash on the table. This all normally wouldn't bother me so much but in combination with everything else it's annoying.

- We have to divide up the refrigerator into fifths.

- My roommates have apparently never cleaned a dish before because there is always food left on them.

- We only have a few cheap non-stick pots and pans. I can't hold it against them, but since the other 4 roommates are here as exchange students from other parts of Europe, their money is tight. I can't justify buying a 50 euro pan either because I'll be leaving in July. I can't get a fond on meat to save my life, and sauces never come out right.

What about your kitchen? And what are you going to do / have you done about it?

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