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Why We Just Hate "Don't You Just Hate..." Threads


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Why We Just Hate "Don't You Just Hate..." Threads

The Chowhound Team | Oct 28, 2005 02:16 PM

The Internet is full of people venting their inner Andy Rooney by sounding off on things that bug them. Chatty, "all chime in" discussions are addictive and contagious. Here's why it's a bad thing for Chowhound:

1. we're trying to build a data trove, not a chat room. The chattier we get (even here on Not About Food), the more chatty people are drawn into the site, and they dilute the other boards (and the great signal-to-noise ratio that attracted you here in the first place)

2. All 800,000 of you don't chime in on every discussion...because not everyone has feedback re: lasagna in Boise or brunch in Berkeley. But chatty discussions inflate far bigger and's like 1000 people getting on an elevator meant for ten. And we pay for the bandwidth to serve those huge pile-on threads. We don't think it's prudent to blow limited resources to host discussion of how much people love/hate Rachel Ray or dislike the term "yummy", etc etc etc.

So, please resist the urge to use like a chat room. Skip the "don't you just hate..." threads, and other chatty chime-in discussions that are more about passing time than co-informing. One can go anywhere to chitchat. Let's keep Chowhound an oasis.

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