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Why I hate my Grind-n-Brew


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Why I hate my Grind-n-Brew

christine | Nov 4, 2005 04:00 PM

With gift season coming up I wanted to share some info about the Cuisinart Grind and Brew thermal carafe coffee pot, which can be found on sale for about $150

It is 15" high and cannot fit under my upper cabinets. So, it perches on the edge of the counter.

It makes 12 cups but has a small capacity grinder so if you need 12 cups of coffee it will be weak. You can only make strong coffee up to 8 cups.

The grinder clogs up with powdered beans-especially the dark roasts which seem oilier- so every batch about a good 2 T of coffe beans get wasted and have to be scraped out.

Steam gets into the grinder during the brewing process so the excess coffe that didn't make it out turns to paste and the whole thing needs to be washed with a sponge every day (as opposed to a seperate gringer which just needs to be tapped out and wiped).

If it is not put together just so- and even sometimes if it is-it brews all over the counter, grinds everywhere, rendering the timer function too risky to use.

After it brews all over the counter, it is very difficult to clean because it does not come apart.

The carafe opening is too small for a hand to get into so it needs to be cleaned with a long handled small brush.

We use dark roast and filled the grinder to capacity every day (although not over, I swear) and the grinder burnt out after about 3 months.

I hate it and if I had bought it for myself it would have been in the trash a long time ago. Our cheapie Krups lasted 8 years and was still going strong! However it was a gift and so I keep it. We have to use a seperate grinder and don't use the timer so basically the carafe is the only thing going for it now.

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