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I hate French toast, so I made some …


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I hate French toast, so I made some …

Will Owen | May 23, 2011 02:04 PM

I like the IDEA of French toast okay, but I really do not like sweet custard much, and absolutely hated it when I was a kid. Savory custard, yum yum; sweet, yuck p'tooey. And of course Mom loved it and served it to us now and then as a special treat … but I was a polite kid.

On Saturday I was at a brunch party talking with someone while she ate an orange French toast casserole thing that was part of our hostess's buffet, and she was going on about how she wasn't supposed to eat this but adored it so much. And as I ate some other casserole-ish items it occurred to me that there's no good reason French toast HAS to be sweet, except from habit, and some savory version might actually be nice. And then I forgot about it until that night, when I was bagging up the uneaten garlic bread (made with mini-baguettes) from my dinner. H'mmmm …

So in the morning I took two halves of those baguettes and cut them into sticks, then put them in to soak with 1 jumbo egg, a quarter-cup of Egg Product (Nu-Laid Reddi-Egg is what we use) and a half-cup of milk, beaten up with a good pinch of salt, fresh pepper and a splash or two of Tabasco. I thought of baking this, but the oven was cold and I was hungry, so I melted butter in the copper skillet and laid those babies in. I was trying hard to cook them enough without browning them too much - I normally hate browned egg - and when I figured a balance had been reached I put them onto a plate and tucked in.

First impression: delicious! The bread had been spread with a mixture of butter, olive oil and pressed fresh garlic, and the richness of the egg mixture and the contrast between slightly tough crust and custardy interior complimented the good bread flavor and the garlic very well. Second impression: maybe too rich, if that's even a valid category; baking would probably be a more satisfactory way to cook this. It would also be a very good basis for one of those lovely breakfast casseroles, an idea I think I'll explore one of these days.

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