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A hard luck story appears to be mandatory on Chopped

Hank Hanover | Dec 17, 201111:17 PM

After watching several episodes of "Chopped", it appears that a hard luck story is a prerequisite.

I'm not sure what a hard luck story has to do with who can outcook 3 other cooks but it certainly comes up. They always ask what are you going to do with the money or somebody volunteers that they beat cancer so they can certainly beat these other cooks.

If you disagree, certainly, state your position. If you agree, please state a few of what you think would be good stories.

I have a few:

I need the money and if I don't win, I will have to sell one of my kidneys next week.

My sister got picked up for prostitution again. This will be her 3rd strike so we really need a good defense lawyer.

I'm going to donate anything I win to "Chefs for Life". These people help overweight pastry chefs with diabetes.

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