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:-) Harbux cupcakes & does anyone REALLY like white hot chocolate?


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:-) Harbux cupcakes & does anyone REALLY like white hot chocolate?

rworange | Mar 5, 2006 05:06 PM

That's Starbucks to the rest of the non South Park crowd. Sorry, couldn't resist.

Anyway, they are selling a pretty good cupcake these days, IMO. I have yet to get the elusive, in my area, chocolate cupcake. The vanilla was very nice. A step up from the supermarket or generic old-fashioned European bakery variety.

Light pleasant vanilla cupcake. The frosting has a nice frosting with lemon sprinkles.

Very classy if ecologically incorrect take-out packaging. Classy white box with an interior cupcake holder so it doesn't squish and the frosting doesn't get over everything. Closed with a lovely pink and silver 'Starbucks Coffee Cupcakes classics" shiny foil seal.

My question about the white chocolate is does anyone like this anywhere?

A while back I tried my first white hot chocolate at a fancy, dancy chocolate cafe. So I tried the Starbucks version when it came out for comparison sake.

On the Starbucks plus side ... it is the least sweet of the many sugary hot drinks.

However, both versions ... fancy or Starbucks ... it's not much more to me than sweetened milk. I LIKE white chocolate ... eveny waxy cheap white chocolate ... but it just doesn't do much for me in drinking terms.

It is almost like melting a pat of butter in a glass of milk and adding sugar ... ick. It reminds me of Tibetan yak butter tea ... ok, never had the REAL yak butter version, but still a rather ugly drink.

Anyone like this stuff? Maybe I just had two bad examples. However, the chocolate cafe has mighty fine hot chocolate otherwise.


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