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how do you handle this??? [Moved from New Jersey]

Darbie2 | May 14, 201207:07 PM

I took Mom and 10 (6 adults and 4 children under 10) other people to breakfast for Mother's Day. At the end of our meal I was presented a bill for $252.54 by the owner. Since the average breakfast was $8-10 I couldn't figure out why it was so high. The bill was a hand written piece of paper with the food ordered on it, but no itemization, just the total. She asked if i had a problem. I told her I thought it was a bit high.She first said that we had a lot of drinks (meaning coffees, milk and juic,e the amount for the drinks came to $27) then asked if I wanted a menu to go over the bill. I had to pay in cash as they don't accept any other type of payment. I asked for a receipt and was given a copy of the watresses order notes. Nothing with the prices or total. I fear that I made a mistake by taking that and leaving. (we had four young children in our party of 11, who wanted to go to the lake,
so I acquiesced)
I called the owner the next morning and told her that I went over the paper handed to me with her online menu and even with rounding all items up it came to $159.00 and that I was overcharged. She said she had a hard time believing that, but would call me at day's end. After no call I tried calling back three times and left messages and my number. I received a call from one of her employees at 9am this morning saying that she wasn't in and would call me back when she arrived. It is now 10pm and still no call. I left another message.
What would you do in my situation? I have no proof that I handed her that amount of money other than the guests that waited with me to get this resolved.
I was embarrassed with this treatment and had to go to an ATM to get an additional $100.

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