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Hand Mixer Reassurement

achilles007 | Oct 5, 2009 11:55 PM

Hello, all. I am trying my BEST not to be tempted into buying a standmixer-- especially the 300$ lovely cuisinart/vikings that provide 800+ wattage power.

But I cant help BUT think that maybe the hand mixer alone just wont be sufficient enough.

Just a little bit of background info about me:

I'm not MUCH of a baker-- I rather spend my time, preparing and aging cheeses and meats, HOWEVER I certainly wouldnt MIND indulging in a little bit of homemade cake, pie, or cookies every now and then. And I also hope to do artisan bread--by which of course I want to knead by hand-- to get the "feel" of the dough right.

So my question to you all is-- am I just avoiding the inevitable? I mean I hear in SOME recipes it calls for the mixer to be run for 15 MINUTES straight, and that is a little tiring to do that. So PLEASE be honest with me hear. WHAT exactly CAN I get away with with a hand-mixer, and for what creations do I absolutely, no-doubt need a stand mixer for?
With everything so costly and technological today I wonder how our grandfathers and grandmothers even survived baking without all this stuff we have today.

thanx all!

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