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Hamburg - Authentic Cantonese dim sum at Mei Moon


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Hamburg - Authentic Cantonese dim sum at Mei Moon

klyeoh | Jun 20, 2014 10:45 PM

Hamburg's not really a place one goes for Chinese food, let alone dim sum. But if one ever hankers for yum cha, Mei Moon in St-Georg does a pretty decent job. It's perhaps the most authentic Cantonese restaurant in Hamburg, and situated a minute's walk away from Hamburg Hauptbanhof.

What we had there last night (I'm also listing the German description in parenthesis since I don't see the Cantonese terms listed anywhere in the menu there):

- Haw gow (Teigtaschen gefüllt mit Hummerkrabben)

- Siu Mai (Teigtaschen gefüllt mit Schweinefleisch und Krabben)

- Sharksfin dumplings (Teigtaschen gefüllt mit Haifischflossen)

- Char siu bao (Kantonesische Dampfbrötchen mit Schweinefleischfüllung)

- Roast duck (Geröstete ente) - this is off-menu but you only need to ask for it from the waitrer/waitress - very well-done: crisp-skinned duck, with a very light soy-sauce. The German language menu only listed duck dishes with various sauces: Sichuanese, curry, sweet-sour, etc. to cater to German clientele.

- Fried noodles with pork (Bratnudeln mit Schweinefleisch): quite greasy version here.

The dim sum items were all subtly-seasoned and quite delicious. One complaint was the char siu bao which had too little meat filling, and used stewed pork, rather than barbecued pork. In fact, from the cooking-style, one can surmise the proprietor-chefs there are Vietnamese-Chinese, not HKers or Cantonese from Guangzhou. One of my German colleagues said he's been there since he was a kid - and he's now 40, so the restaurant's been around for quite a while.

Chinarestaurant Mei Moon
Bremer Reihe 10
20099 Hamburg
Tel: 040 2803303

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