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Ham (really good) and oysters (really big)


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Ham (really good) and oysters (really big)

Paul Lukas | Feb 28, 2006 06:46 PM

While visiting an outdoor food market in London last weekend, I saw some of the biggest oysters I'd ever encountered -- probably a good six inches across. You know how we're always hearing how the oysters were "as big as dinner plates" back in the old days? These weren't that big, but they were getting there. The vendor said they were Pacific rock oysters. She shucked one for me, and I was surprised to see that the inner cavity and the meat housed therein weren't as big as the shell had led me to expect -- the edible part was big, but not SUPER-big. Anyway, I slurped it right down -- very nice.

Soon thereafter, I found a stall selling Spanish ham and finally got my first taste of pata negra, the super-premium (and super-expensive) prosciutto that can't be imported yet to America. Was it very, very good? Yes. Good enough to warrant a price that was, factoring in the conversion rate, about $130/lb.? No. I ended up buying 70 grams -- about $18 worth. I'd be curious to hear opinions from others who've tried it.

-- Paul

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