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What would you do? "hair" in food


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What would you do? "hair" in food

sbs401 | Aug 1, 2011 10:47 AM

This weekend a friend was at a well respected Boston restaurant, when the manager stopped by
to check if everything was ok, one diner pointed out what appeared to be a hair pressed into a side dish of watermelon, the plate was then whisked away to the kitchen.

Moments later the manager returned with the same plate and explained that, the item was not a piece of hair, but a small piece of straw from the crate the watermelon was packed in. It appeared that all
the same food was on the plate, with a small indentation of where the hair/straw had been extracted from the watermelon with fingers, tongs or spoon. Nothing was discounted or comped.

What i probably would have done:
Left the watermelon on the side of the plate, posted here whining about it.

What i wish i would do:
Tell the manager that returning this plate is unacceptable, it should be fully replaced and comped

Even if it was "straw" seems to me it doesn't matter, picking it off was clearly unacceptable, at the very least replace the watermelon.

Don't know that i can recommend this place any longer if this is a typical management reaction.

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