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Not About Food 279

Do you think that a guy should always pay for Dinner on the 1st date?

ShowUsYourRack | Jan 1, 201412:16 AM

I feel that most often us guys should/do pay the whole bill for at least the 1st date, but perhaps there could be exceptions here or there, right? I mean, what if the girl's the one that's calling you, desperate for a date & you finally decided to give her a chance, should you still pay for her in full? In another case, what if your boss asked if you'd take his daughter out, would you still pay for the date even though he's been a cheapskate to you…lol? Another case could be perhaps that the girl's quite rich & you're pretty much just getting by while working your a$s off at work, ya hear? Outside of most desperate girls, I still think that it's probably wise to just stick with buying her Dinner for the night. What is your take on this topic?

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