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Guitar Cake Frosting and Chocolate Help


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Guitar Cake Frosting and Chocolate Help

tennisman03110 | May 17, 2011 12:11 PM

Hi all, I have decided to make a guitar cake based on the following directions.


I will be using Hershey's Cake recipe, but have questions about the frosting. I want to make a sour cream or cream cheese frosting for the vanilla, and make a ganache for the chocolate. My concern is with the mixing, does anyone have experience mixing frostings and do you think this would work? (You have to mix certain amounts of chocolate and vanilla to get new "wood" colors). Also, is there any substitute for yellow food coloring to mix with some frosting, or am I going to have to buy some?

My last question regarding the cake is about the neck. This may be over ambitious, but I want to make chocolate covered cheesecake bars to serve as the neck. I have made plenty of cheesecakes, but have no idea about dipping them. Would simply freezing the bars and then dipping them into melted semi sweet chocolate work, and re-freezing work?. Should I add butter or oil to the chocolate?

Ok, that's all. I will be embarking on this challenge on Thursday when my schedule and the house is free. Any answers/tips or questions of your own appreciated. Thanks.

PS. I am thinking of documenting this for a food blog, although I don't have a food blog so it would just be something in my archives I guess.

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