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Help with Guanciale


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Help with Guanciale

Tom G | May 28, 2002 11:57 AM

As a lover of amatriciana sauce, I decided i needed to learn how to make the real stuff myself...

So I went to Esposito's pork store on 9th Avenue and bought 2.5 pounds (the smallest package they had) of guanciale.

I brought it home, defrosted it, chopped it up into small slivers and threw it in a saute pan. What I ended up with was extremely tough, tasteless, non-descript meat that would have been absolutely worthless in anything except for dog food.

So did I:
1) Buy the wrong kind of guanciale?
2) Recieve the wrong product from the store?
3) Prepare it incorrectly?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...

I ended up going out and buying regular bacon and using it, but I'd really like to make the REAL thing...

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