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Growing Up Greek

Heidi Ho | Mar 11, 2008 09:23 PM

I grew up with greek cooking. My mother was Greek (Thessaloniki). She would make pita or otherwise known as Spinokopia (whatever)......It was a staple at our house. When the other kids on our block were eating meatloaf or pot roast, we'd be eating meatballs and chicken soup with lemon in it.

My curent spouse is not a fan of my mothers cooking. The mere mention of baklava will send him into a tizzy and he will head for the nearest slice of apple pie or some other American food.

As my mother grows older I miss her dishes and wish I had enjoyed her Greek food more. There is nothing like having a lamb on a spit and a bunch of Greeks around to celebrate an occasion.

If you were also the child of a Greek parent I would like to hear your views and know if you can identify with "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."


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