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What did you grow up eating? typical meal? (moved from Manhattan)

asianbun | Jul 6, 200809:16 PM

Just curious how some of you hounders (manhattan and elsewhere) were raised on what type of cuisine.

For example, i have a friend who's from Philly, and he had "bad american food like casseroles and processed stuff" which, according to him, "is why i'm not a foodie."

This seems to make sense as my friend simply "eats to make the hunger go away" which is a sad reason for eating, esp. if you live in NYC.

I believe that sometimes, if you grow up eating bad food, the opposite happens -- you can become a gourmand due to the bad memories of bad food.

based on my parent's culture, i was fed a mixture of chinese food, taiwanese dishes, and japanese food.

even though we were born here in the US, every day was chinese cuisine. Rice was a constant at every meal, no questions. My mom had to make a separate, even more authentic meal for my dad (i.e. more "weird" dishes).

However, this doesn't mean i had my share of american indulgences. outside of the home, i had every single type of "classic" american meal, snack, and fast food!

just curious,,,

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