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Group menu etiquette qn

rwarren | Dec 30, 2007 10:52 AM

Dear foodies,

I have a question and I would like to know what others would have done in a similar situation.

I belong to an ethnic dinner group and we recently went to a fancier-than-usual restaurant. A group menu was drawn up for us (we were ~24 people, billed individually) We were advised ahead of time what the price would be, but not what was on the menu. I did ask and was told that ordering off the regular menu would NOT be an option.

Once at the restaurant, I saw the menu and did not care for the choice. (This isn't about not eating certain foods for allergy/religious/whatever reasons, I didn't think the price quoted reflected a good value for what was being served.) I requested the regular menu and for almost the same price had a much more interesting, flavorful, substantial meal.

The organizer was at the other end of the table and probably unaware that I had not ordered off the group menu. (Another diner was also disappointed with the choices and ended up following my lead.) i do know that those around me were less than thrilled with the group menu, after eating it. I did offer tasties of mine!

I wonder though, if I did the right thing by ignoring the group menu in favor of the regular one. Or would it have been better etiquette to give my regrets to the hostess, walk out, and eat elsewhere? What would others out there have done?

Thanks in advance for your insights.

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