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The Greek Gods Organic Greek Yogurt


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The Greek Gods Organic Greek Yogurt

rworange | Sep 1, 2006 02:40 AM

My local Raley's just started to carry this. It's not too bad. It's not Greek yogurt, but it's ok.

They didn't have the full fat plain, so I got the full fat honey.

A little too sweet and a little to light for a Greek yogurt, but is has a pleasant smooth, almost whipped cream mouth feel. By the bottom of the container, I was into it.

I probably wouldn't buy the honey again, but I liked it well enough that I'll give all three plain varieties (full fat, low-fat, fat-free) a try.

There are a couple of things that drop this down a few pegs. They use pectin and agar in it for thickening. While it is not enough to be obnoxious, it shouldn't be there.

Since I'm never going the buy the honey version again, to me it doesn't matter, but they don't use honey. They use 'honey powder'. That is a combo of cane sugar and honey. While it isn't HFCS, it ain't pure honey. It's $1.49 for 6 oz at Raleys.

Has anyone tried this?

Honey Yogurt Ingrediants: Organic pasturized grade a non fat milk, organic cream, natural honey powder (cane sugar, honey), pectic, agar, active cultures. My container said cane sugar, but the website says sucrose.

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