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The Great Whipped Cream Delimma


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The Great Whipped Cream Delimma

Mr. Taster | May 24, 2004 05:44 PM

Hi General Chowhounds!

I just made a posting about on the Los Angeles board which got me to thinking about an old-fashioned burger joint here called The Apple Pan.

They charge what I used to think was a rediculous price to add whipped cream to their pies ($1.50, which seems insane for a squirt out of a can). But one day I ordered it and I was amazed-- their whipped cream was truly substantive, a dessert unto itself... so thick and rich that you could stand a metal spoon up in it without it budging.

In the past I have tried to make my own whipped cream (very basically-- whisking sugar and vanilla into heavy cream) but my results are limp at best... (maybe I could stand up a plastic spoon...!)

So my question to all of you lovely General Hounds is this... how do you make a whipped cream like the kind I had at The Apple Pan? Also, how crucial is the sugar to the formation of the whipped cream? Could I make it with Splenda?

Mr. Taster

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