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Great Steamed Cheeseburgers At The Dry Dock Coffee House-Wallingford,CT


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Great Steamed Cheeseburgers At The Dry Dock Coffee House-Wallingford,CT

HamburgerManReviews | Mar 6, 2011 07:16 AM

I have only had a Steamed Cheeseburger once at a place called Teds in Meriden,CT.
I was not overly impressed .
I was at a place called The Dry Dock for some nice accoustic music and my wife and I decided to try a Steamed Cheeseburger that was on the menu.
They have one of the original Steram Cheeseburger Ovens and I was notsure how the Burger would taste.When we got the Steamed Cheeseburgers I was very impressed took my first bite and I was hooked . It was cooked right and very juicey and the cheese was excellent on top of this burger.
In Wallingford and the area there are a few places that sell Steamed Cheeseburgers.
Its become the wave for alot of places.
The Dry Dock Coffee House I believe is better then the Famous Teds in Meriden,CT.
At least in my opinion.
I normally just eat regular Burgers not Steamed, but now I will have a great Steamed Cheeseburger
with the fries when I go to the Dry Dock Coffee House
If you do not know where The Dry Dock is located at it's 8-1/2 Quinnipiac Ave in
Wallingford, CT 09492 near the Railroad Station. Phone 203-626-5560.
The Dry Dock Coffee House has a nice menu and prices are very resonable.
They also serve breakfast all day and night.
Also they have Live Musicans on Friday Nights .
So you can eat relax and hear some great Singer Songwriters aswell.

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