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Looking for a great meat market in Cincinnati


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Looking for a great meat market in Cincinnati

JHHAM | Apr 17, 2010 10:46 AM

This was an old topic on the Midwest archives which deserves to be continued. Here's my two cents' worth...

Stehlin's Meats, located on the east side of Colerain Ave., just north of the U.S. 27 exit, is excellent. I think that they dry-age their beef for about 12 days, which is shorter than typical for meat advertised as "dry-aged," but, nevertheless, enough to give it a distinct dry-aged quality. I believe that they buy from local farmers, and butcher in-house. The steers must be pasture-fed to some extent...the meat has that "beefy" flavor that you might remember from 30 years ago, and which is missing from feedlot cattle.

Sometimes they run out of their own NY Strips, and other popular cuts, and have to sell previously cryovac-ed beef, but they will tell you if asked. In those circumstances, ask for something that was butchered in-house; some of the best steaks I've had in recent years have been Stehlin's sirloins purchased when they were sold-out of NY strips and rib steaks.

Jungle Jim's dry-aged steaks are good, but very expensive, and perhaps over-aged. The ones that I've had have had a dessicated quality about them. I think that they are just cryovac-ed sides that Jungle Jim's ages in-house. Try them for yourself, but bring your wallet.

FWIW, Costco's NY strips and rib steaks are excellent for the money. They are a high grade (near-Prime) of high-quality cryovac-ed beef at an excellent price.

Fellow posters, what have your experiences been?

Jungle Jim's Cafe
1923 N Peoria Rd, Springfield, IL 62702

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