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Grand Cayman Eats

winsy | May 11, 2009 07:54 AM

We got back from a 10 day trip to Grand Cayman and stayed on both sides of the island. I've included eats and where to get booze in this report. We typically try to avoid touristy spots and look for local/cheap food.



Champion House II - local food. good, but not wow. Hubs had cayman style snapper which was very good, I had oxtails which was good but a bit too salty.

Singh's roti house - rotis were good, not wow. I had curry chicken roti, hubs had beef.

Tony's jerk foods (definitely my favorite) - along eastern avenue right in front of a soccer stadium (before Champion House if you are coming from 7 Mile), right by the Texaco gas station.
- lots of locals hanging out in this little hole in the wall.
- really good local food. I had the curry chicken and the hubs had jerk pork. The jerk pork was very good but the curry chicken was awesome.

Welly's Cool Spot - hard to find. It's next to AL Thompson on North Sound Way but is not on the main road.
- Local Food - I had the oxtails and the hub had chicken rundown (chicken in a light coconut curry sauce with peppers). I also had the curry chicken for lunch one day.
- all were awesome (much better than Champion House)

Rackham's - bar/restaurant in GT right on the water
- just had drinks after dinner. really low key and lots of tarpon that you can watch swim while having a drink at the bar. good place to have a cigar, spacious and airy.

Fresh Fish - Right next to Hammerhead's, There are a few guys who sell fresh fish that can be cooked at Hammerheads or taken away. We bought some mahi mahi (it was a whole fish that they filleted in less than a minute). It was $5CI a pound. Ridiculously cheap. So I bought some and we bbqed it. Sooo good and fresh.

Along 7 Mile

Kirk's supermarket - We stayed at a condo so we BBQed - Red Snapper Filet, Giant prawns and shrimp skewers. I also bought some ridiculously expensive cayman sea salt ($20 USD). It was soo good though. The red snapper and prawns are caught locally and it was yummy.

Lone Star - Burger was good and pulled pork sandwich special was good.
- we went for a drink and fed the tarpon. every night at 9PM.

Chicken Chicken - Along 7 Mile in one of the strip malls. Same strip mall as Havana Cigars.
- chicken was well seasoned and very moist, not dry. I had the roasted chicken and the hubs had the jerk chicken. Both were so yummy.

Sunshine Grill - in Sunshine Suites, across from the Ritz.
- quaint family oriented restaurant. friendly staff.
- I had fish tacos, the hubs had sliders. Both were good. Not very local, but it was decent and cheap.

Fidel Murphy's Pub - we only went in to grab a beer while watching Day 1 of the NFL Draft.
- had the fish and chips, which was decent.

Yoshi - my theory on how people who are not native to the food should not be making it holds true here as well (see Portofino review below). The sushi was not horrible, but it definitely was not made by a Japanese sushi chef. The sushi rice was a bit undercooked and the fish was good (tuna, snapper, white tuna) but I was not wowed. We had a yellow fin tuna fried with salad appetizer that was really good though.
- I should have known once again, but I am never one to walk right out of a restaurant. I heard the sushi chefs speaking in Chinese (my second language) and tempered my expectations.

Royal Palms - friday and sat nights - live music band
- very crowded. outdoors. nice change of pace if you want to do something at night. Crowd is 40s to 50s, not that many really young people there.

West End

Morgan's Harbour - we went this way to find Heritage Kitchen on a Sunday when it was supposed to be open but was not. very annoying.
- really nice cozy bar. restaurant right on the water.
- had seafood pancakes (really really good), conch chowder (really good and the conch was so tender) and wahoo ceviche (just ok).

East End Restaurants

Vivine's- good local food, east end.
- nice backyard area to sit.
- we had fried fish, fired chicken and salt beef and beans. the chicken was best, I wasn't crazy about the fish (mahi). It was good, but I wasn't wowed.
- we went back the next day and had the oxtails (yes, I am obsessed with oxtail) and BBQ chicken. Much better than our meal the day before. Both were really yummy.
- we didn't get to try the famous conch stew. I think they only make it on sundays.

Rankin's - not exactly east end, it's in Bodden town
- hubs had jerk chicken and I had fried chicken. sooo yummy.

Over the Edge - very nice atmosphere.
- windy and kind of cold, bring a hoodie!
- decent sunset
- conch steak, wahoo. pretty good, not totally local, but good.
- we also had breakfast there one day. hub had ackee and saltfish and I had the calaloo omelette (calaloo is a local veggie, very good, kind of a cross between bok choy and swiss chard). Both were very good.

Portofino - it was barely ok. Hub had the seafood curry (which was decent) and I had some ravioli with seafood special. we also had the marinated conch which was so vinegary that is was barely edible. The ravioli was so creamy that it was overkill. Kind of like Olive Garden with better seafood. Basically, I should have known the second we walked in. I am a firm believer that if the food is made by people that are native to the food, it should be good. Well, not to be completely obnoxious, but it was clear to me that the food was not made by someone Italian. There is absolutely no way that the creamy sauce would have been so heavy handed.
- It was also expensive. Each entree that we had was about $35 USD. Totally not worth it. We were forced into going bc nothing else was open and we didn't want to drive all the way to Bodden town or eat the Reef (we had conch fritters one day as a snack and they sucked).

Roland's Garden

- disappointed that we did not get to go. We were only on the East End for 3 nights and he was booked up all three nights. Apparently, you need to make reservations at least a month in advance and even then, Roland does his own thing (i.e. he might not let you reserve a month in advance), very soup nazi like. We stopped by though to try to persuade him to make an exception. He was extremely gracious and sweet, but very very strict on how many people he wants to serve. He said he would call us if he had a cancellation. Well, no such luck. :( He did however as he kissed my hand, say that if I was single, he would fit me in. I coudn't get rid of the hub though no matter how hard I tried. :)

Chester's Fried Fish (Wood Works) - East end (close to Bodden town) local place
- coming from the east side, you will pass a pink house and then a house decorated with blueish white tires. It's right next to some wood works place.
- We had stew conch and jerk chicken. The stew conch was yummy, sort of like a very thick chicken noodle soup / pot pie consistency. The jerk chicken was good, but a bit dry. Rankin's was better.


Cayman Distributers Ltd (around Georgetown) - Eastern Avenue right across from Kirk's home center (not to be confused with Kirk's supermarket), the hub spotted it.
- Big "cash and carry" sign
- went in and it's a huge distributor. It did not at all look like they would sell us anything. The guys told us to go into the office where they promptly ignored us for about 5 minutes. Then they told us to go back outside and tell the guys to bring us to where they stored the wine.
- picked up 6 bottles for $65 USD. Beer cases were somewhere between $30 CI and $36 CI (Corona).

Blackbeards - a few along 7 mile in the strip malls.
- We bought a bottle of rum. We saw same wine that we bought from Cayman Distributers for $3.50 CI more.

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