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The Gourmet Magazine redesign is terrible!


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The Gourmet Magazine redesign is terrible!

Flaxen_Vixen | Aug 18, 2009 10:47 AM

Yesterday my September issue of Gourmet arrived in my mailbox. Every month I anticipate trolling through the recipes, oggling the table settings and savoring the stories. This month, Gourmet has rolled out an absolutely ghastly re-design (again). The table of contents is nearly illegible, the stories laid out in a non-intuitive way and their page lay out is all wrong. For example in the "alphabetical recipe" story, the titles of each recipe are pushed all the way to the tippy top of the page, with a large, unattractive gap between the title and the recipe. The recipes looked ok, but I was so distracted by the page lay out that I barely got halfway through. If I recall, about a year or two ago, Gourmet re-designed the magazine and suffered through several uninspired covers and stories. It had looked like it turned the corner, but this month's ultra close up of a quince on the cover is boring, bland and not the food porn I have grown accustomed to. I know Conde Nast and the magazine industry as a whole is suffering, but this issue makes it look like Gourmet's editors are scuttling their own ship!

Does anyone else hate it or *gasp* like it?

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