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I gotta know - "Babaika Balls" - "Sauerkraut & Mushroom Soup"???

Wayne Keyser | Feb 27, 200510:12 PM

Please, I have to know - just for me, 'cause I'm not gonna be able to convince anybody.

Wife's family is part Hungarian (long removed) - wife expects me to share "family tradition" of pre-Easter dinner of "traditional foods" including:

"Babaika Balls" (sp?) - like fingertip-sized fried dough dumplings mixed with dry-curd cottage cheese. Abominable!

"Sauerkraut & Mushroom Soup" - Sauerkraut (canned, not even decent kraut) mixed with canned mushrooms and some kind of brown sludge into a gluey consistency. Unspeakable!

Has anyone even HEARD of these "traditional" items, or is this the equivalent of uncounted generations eating Great Aunt Ethel's gruel because a doctor once prescribed it to Great Aunt Ethel?

I can tell you this: I've never seen any visitors from outside the family (spouses, dates) ever ask for another helping of this stuff (or finish the helping they had) - unfortunately, that's almost all they serve at this mandatory celebration because it's not Easter Sunday yet, so they (go figure) won't serve meat, and the remaining dish - pierogies - goes mighty fast when there's nothing else to get you through a long night in somebody else's house.

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