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Good Scallops, Bad Scallops


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Good Scallops, Bad Scallops

Dennis | Jul 22, 2002 04:54 PM


Is there anybody else here who finds the ordering of scallops in a restaurant to be a somewhat risky proposition?

Here is my experience. If I go to a good restaurant and see that a scallop dish is on the chalkboard list of specials, or among the specials for that evening, as described by my waitperson, then it is a pretty good bet that the scallops will be fresh and delicious.

There is this restaurant in my area that specializes in "tapas" style cuisine. Tapas are like miniature entrees which can be quite delicious. I eat there about once a week.

About two weeks ago, I ordered one of the scallops "tapas" dishes from the chalkboard menu. It was delicious.

Last night, I went there and ordered one of the scallops "tapas" from the printed "summer" menu. Big mistake. They weren't right. They went "crunch" and "squish" and they were just plain yuck!

I've had the same experience in other restaurants as well. If scallops are one of the evening specials, they are usually delicious. But I have been to more than one restaurant where, after ordering them from the regular menu, they were an absolute disaster.

Good scallops taste divine and melt into your mouth. There's nothing better than good scallops. On the other hand, there's nothing worse than bad scallops.

Why do some restaurants have such a hard time getting scallops right? Or is it just me?


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