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Looking for a good quality vacuum sealer for serious home use???

aregularjoe | Sep 6, 200910:13 AM


I am looking for a good quality vacuum sealer for serious home use. Mostly for food storage like preserving cheeses, spices and meats bought in bulk as well as creating high quality, home made convenience foods.

I am trying to avoid the cheapo units as the vacuum pumps in them seem to die quickly. Also, i am looking for a system that will allow me to purchase the sealing material in bulk, not little pre cut bags that cost a fortune.

I have no idea what the budget for this will be. I know commercial units cans easily run into the thousands of dollars, which is way out of my budget.

I guess I am trying to see if any other foodies out there have found a good solution at a reasonable price?

Any input is appreciated.


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