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What's New and Good in MSP?

Michael Juhasz | Mar 28, 200810:58 AM

So, somehow, I've convinced my college's newspaper editors that it's in their best interest to pay for my meals.

We've worked out a delicious deal wherein I eat a lavish meal, which I can't afford, then write a scrumptiously self-indulgent review and my school picks up the tab (hm, considering that I've now paid this school about $160,000, I guess I'm paying for the meal in a roundabout way). Essentially, the only stipulation is that the restaurants I review must have opened recently - though recent is being used pretty liberally here; I wrote a review of Brasa a couple of weeks ago.

Where should I go, next?

Money's not really a concern, though I might have trouble fitting in with a crowd of stuffed-shirt-stiffs. Actually, this raises another question I've wondered about for a while: I'm originally from Seattle where there is, more or less, no dress code, ever, anywhere - except perhaps for a loose stipulation that the cuff of your jeans mostly obscures your white socks. How does Minnesota compare? Can I wear gold-striped black shoes, levis and a "vintage" sports coat? I suppose the rules of Minnesota nice prohibit anyone from actually saying anything to me about my improper attire, but might my dinner experience be at all affected? Will the waiter, say, fart on my soufflé if my gloves don't match my belt?

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