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good macarons, seriously.

pinstripeprincess | Aug 11, 2008 08:08 AM

not to get your hopes way up too high here, but when a few day old stale and crushed laduree macarons hand carried from paris are the closest things to a good macaron in toronto... there's a serious problem. and it must be out of self loathing that i purchase a macaron at every bakery i come by with them to find out if perhaps redemption is near. but lo and behold it looks like i got my hands on a good one yesterday.

sweet escapes in the distillery district is in the former space of soma and can now be accessed through the expanded bergo as well. trying to shop in the umbra-centric section of bergo is almost torturous with the amazing scents wafting through the industrial space. to my delight and surprise the open bakery was actually filled with shells as two pastry workers were delicately filling them with creamy but light buttercream.

i am concerned about their consistency, the fresh cookies seemed a bit on the thin side and when i asked for a singular pistachio (nut flavours are my judgement basis for gelato and cookies) i noticed he wavered over the paler and less footed macarons to select one that was perfection in aesthetic. it has a thin crisp shell (that my friend considered slightly stale in taste... considering the quantities they're putting out i can't imagine they're selling all of them daily) but a great slightly dense chewy and tender cookie interior. the buttercream was perfect in quantity and held up to biting but the flavour.... not sickly sweet as is typical of macarons but certainly sweet enough and luciously naturally nutty. they're shy of laduree quality but they are the best and closest thing i have found in toronto.

you can purchase 1 for 2.05 (inclusive of tax) or 6 micro-macarons for about $3 (memory is failing me) that would be adorable topped on a simple dessert.

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