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Good Luck Cafe & Rising Tide

joypirate | Oct 15, 2004 05:02 PM

Had a mighty tasty lunch at Good Luck Café (220 N 10th). On their menu under chef’s specials they’ve got something called “stuffed eggplant, tofu & green pepper”. Well, turns out that description is wildly off. What you get is a plateful of green pepper rings stuffed w/a filling much like a dumpling center, complete with lots of pork. It all holds together fine (must be some egg or something in there) and you’ve got lots of little squashed Saturn-like shapes of deliciousness. Mmmmm….Saturn….The green peppers hold on to a lot of their bitterness which could put some people off but I found it to be ‘good’ bitter, like broccoli rabe sometimes can be. Also on the plate are extremely tender pieces of eggplant cut into little slices, and the eggplant slices make little sandwiches for this same stuffing. And when I say extremely tender, I mean extremely tender, you can barely pick it up w/the chopsticks without it falling apart.All of this is delightfully slathered in a very well made black bean sauce. Frick-ass delicious. No tofu in sight though. The dish is Shanghainese according to the waitress.

Oh, very tasty pan fried dumplings too. I’m more and more liking this place. They take their food very seriously. Even the dishes that cost $1.50 come out with garnish and are arranged nicely on the plate. I don’t NEED that in my meal, but to me it’s indicative of people who are serious about their food and take pride in everything that comes out of the kitchen. Also, I really get the impression that these guys DON’T KNOW HOW to Westernize their dishes, which is wonderful.

Also, walked by the newly opened “Rising Tide” on Race Street & 10th, lots of flowers and banners announcing the new place. The place was really hopping. Popped in just to scan the menu and they’ve got a whole Teochew section. Does anyone know how well Teochew food is represented in Philly’s Chinatown (& beyond)? I’m not so good with my Chinese provinces but I’ve personally never seen as large a Teochew section to a menu. Once it’s not so hopping I’ll check it out and report back.

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