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A Good Ham-Baking Method


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A Good Ham-Baking Method

N Tocus | Jun 1, 2004 10:32 PM

Last night I tried the unusual ham-baking method in Ann Byrn's cookbook The Dinner Doctor and like it so much I probably will never do a ham any other way from this day forward. Byrn's theory is that flavor and texture can be improved by removing the water that's pumped into the ham in processing. Method: take two 24-inch lengths of wide heavy aluminum foil, place them shiny sides together on a table, and fold the edges a couple of times to make a tight seam. Open the resulting large sheet. Place it in a roasting pan, shiny side down. On this put 1/2 cup brown sugar and half a can of Coca-Cola (no substitutes). Lay half a ham on this, cut side down, and pour the rest of the Coke over the ham. Fold the foil together to make the most airtight package you can.(I also covered the roaster.) Bake at 300* for four hours. Byrn says it's that the Coke is acidic---I don't know why---but what happens is at that least a quart of liquid will cook out of the ham resulting in a firmer, more crumbly meat with intensely hammy flavor. You can then glaze the ham any way you like or leave it alone.

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