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Good frozen xiaolong bao from Wei-Chuan


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Good frozen xiaolong bao from Wei-Chuan

Gary Soup | Apr 29, 2006 10:59 AM

I spend a lot of time cruising for good xiaolong baozi, even shamelessly diving in supermarket frozen food bins looking for miracles of food science. My sister-in-law, who first got me hooked on the stuff by slipping me some of the real McCoy in Shanghai, shares my addiction, and recently discovered food giant Wei Chuan's triumphant entry into the field at her local Asian market. Taking pity on me because my wife is on a lengthy frolic in Shanghai without me, she brought me three bags of the stuff. Sure enough, they are by far the best supermarket XLB I have encountered, and superior to at least 80 percent of the restaurant varieties I have tried.

They're made by Wei-Chuan U.S.A. in Bell Gardens CA, and called "Pork Mini Buns" on the package ("Nan Xiang Xiao Long Tang Bao in Chinese"). A look at the ingredients reveals shortcuts that will make a purist cringe (ginger puree? gelatin?) but the end result is off the verisimilitude charts, and at $2.99 for 23-25 handsome little baozi I can't be too picky. My SIL says they disappear from the store freezers almost as soon as they arrive, so maybe turnover is a key to the quality.

According to Wei-Chuan U.S.A.'s website they also make a "Shandong" dumpling series. has anybody tried these?



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