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I found a really good bottled ketchup


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I found a really good bottled ketchup

lisavf | Apr 27, 2009 01:57 PM

Thanks to all of the great things I read and learn on Chowhound, I have been slowly but surely changing my shopping, cooking, and eating habits. (I'm a constant lurker but not a big contributor, since I feel my food knowledge is much more limited than most everybody else's.) As a result of a somewhat recent thread which discussed ketchup, I began a hunt for something better than Heinz, and I'm happy to say I've found it. It's Wilkin & Sons 'Tiptree' Tomato Ketchup. The ingredients are: "Tomatoes (75%), Sugar, Wine Vinegar, Salt, Lemon Juice, Spices." It has a thick consistency and an undefinable texture, but most importantly, it tastes very tomato-y. My DH and I had it on burgers last night. He was skeptical, because he is very much a product of the fast-food, everything-convenient, I-like-my-comfort-zone nation. Well, after we ate the burgers, he dipped the knife back into the bottle (it's really too thick to pour), ran his finger across the knife to get a taste of just the ketchup. He gave it a big thumbs-up, as I had the previous night. The only drawback (a big one, to be sure) is the price. If my memory is correct, it was $6.99 for 11 oz. Ouch! I concluded that I will buy both Heinz and Tiptree, use the Heinz for cooking (i.e., in meatloaf) and for a condiment for kids, and use the Tiptree for an adult condiment.

I just wanted to share my find!

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