Gonna Buy a FoodSaver... Which one?


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Gonna Buy a FoodSaver... Which one?

lunchbox | Jan 15, 2007 03:57 PM

First of all, I wanted to thank everyone who has posted on this subject before- your posts have helped me make up my mind to buy a vacuum-saving device and I have done some research on my own about the plastics and for how I plan to use it, I am not concerned about anything...that said...

I am a pretty serious home cook. I want a Foodsaver first and formost for the portioning and storage of meats. I do my own butchering and stock making, but I live with only one other person- I would love to start buying larger hunks of meat and storing it, but to fit it in my already crowded freezer, i need to portion it first. After reading what others have said they use their machines for, I expect I will soon embrace its other features, too.

Even the most experienced FoodSaver users out there caution others about reducing moisture and juices, specifically of meats- lessons learned and warnings heard- are there any models that are better at wet works? Any accessories I can't live without or shouldn't buy at all? Any other brands I should be looking for?


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