Glass vs. Plastic: Storage


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Glass vs. Plastic: Storage

tangoking | Jun 13, 2013 08:54 PM

So, I always use glass to store my stuff. This decision is largely based on mistrust of government, hearsay, and what my Mom did. Where better to find truth than on the Chowhound message boards?

- Do you generally store your stuff in glass or plastic?
- Do you fear that chemicals from plastic may leech into your food?
- Is it true that things heated and microwaved in plastic containers will get some chemicals?
- If drinks are left in the sun in plastic bottles, will they be contaminated?
- What is this "No BPA" business? It sounds like B.S. to me.
- Do chemicals from plastic cause cancer?

All things considered, and given the constant stream of lies that we're all fed about pretty much everything, I feel safer with glass.

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