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Is giving knives as a wedding gift bad luck?


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Is giving knives as a wedding gift bad luck?

snax | Jan 15, 2010 10:37 PM

I’m contemplating buying a carving set as a wedding gift for my brother-in-law.
I remember being a little confused (5 years ago) when a friend was opening up her wedding gifts and taped onto the top of a cutlery set box was 10 cents. Apparently it’s a superstition that if you receive knives, scissors, and or other cutting items as a wedding gift it will bring bad luck to your marriage. So therefore the bride and groom then give the sender back the 10 cents, and in essence ‘buys’ the knives and can then live happily ever after.

Wish I could add a poll here:

Yes, I’d love to receive a Shun carving set as my wedding gift
No, I’d rather receive another toaster

So seriously as they are having a beach wedding, should they worry more about potential wind and rain on the day instead of being doomed for receiving a knife set? Or should I just buy them a nice Boo’s wooden cutting board?

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