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Regarding Girl Scout Cookies

amanda3571 | Mar 4, 2008 11:44 AM

Ok I love them. I ate at least a half a box of tagalongs yesterday, with a side of thin mints. Co-workers daughter sells em every year. And yes in case you were wondering, I felt absolutely gross after I ate all that junk yesterday. There are still a few boxes of them in our kitchen though.

So today, let's try new Sugar Free Chocolate Chip cookies. Oooh wow! These aren't half bad. They're pretty small, & 3 cookies have 8 grams of fat. I reach in for a second cookie, when my director looks at me and says "don't eat too many of those - they have a laxative effect".

Um, what?

In teeny print on the side of the box it says "Excess Consumption May Cause Laxative Effects".

Those little brats! (I know, not the girls faults) But for people who love GS cookies, it's always about excess consumption!

I feel like I've been duped and just ate a bag of WOW chips without knowing.

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