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About the General Topics Board

Jim Leff | Apr 17, 2000 11:25 AM

Hi, everybody

Two things about this "General Topics" board:

1. It's about general FOOD (and food-related) topics. If you want to post about various and sundry other stuff that's further afield, please use our "Not About Food" board. If you want to post about site issues, please use the "Site Talk" board

2. This site started out covering mostly New York City. We're now MUCH more national (though the regional boards are growing in fits and stops), and have a much wider readership. So I'd like to remind New Yorkers that this "General Topics message board is for EVERYONE. It's been pointed out to me that people often post here about New York-centric topics with nary an explanation for outsiders. Please, either provide an explanation if necessary, or, better, post on a New York board if context allows.


The Management

ps--FYI, "Whats My Craving" and "The Best" are holdovers from before our nationalization...when we do our next makeover, each region will have its own "Crave" and "Best" (and maybe "Kosher") board.

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