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A General Thank you From the Bottom of my Heart

mamachef | Jun 19, 201103:14 PM

Dear Fellow Hounds,
I haven't been on these boards much lately - as some of you may know, my son Michael (aka #1 son) died last Monday at the age of 27 after a grueling and courageous battle against a rare form of leukemia.
I want to thank the Chowhound community for a few different things. Mainly, just for being here. Clearly food is my big passion, and over the past few years it's been a welcome distraction to have that interest supported and diversified by all the different threads and opinions here. I've developed friendly relationships and actual real-world friendships that carried over, and have gotten such lovely support in so many different ways: when I was racking my brains out about what to try feeding him, it was 'hounders to the rescue. You also reminded me to try and nourish myself and my other family members at the same time. There were nights alone in the hospital during the past week where the time difference between here and my overseas friends was a truly welcome diversion - always, there was someone to talk to no matter what time it was. You've sent food and flowers and cards and love. Mainly, I just knew y'all were there in thought.
My big guy was kind of a chowhound himself. He liked really good food and wine and beer (although he preferred good hard liquor drinks more) so.....if you raise a glass tonight, please do it with a smile for Mike.
With Love and Thanks
Shalom shalom,

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