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Gas Stove Smell - advice please

stellamystar | Oct 5, 200907:18 PM

We own a 10 year old Viking 4 burner range. Love it. With one exception.
It has a gassy odor sometimes, esp. when it's cold outside. Our house is from 1930. We had to rerun the gas line to the stove from the basement when we got the Viking (we bought the Viking from an old lady who died).
The odor is only by the stove, nowhere else in the house. The gas guy came out and did some readings and he did discover a small leak in our floor board which we had fixed ASAP.
The stove odor comes and goes. Sometimes, I think I knock a knob or something...
I should also say the gas smell isn't pure natural gas smell - as if you just lit a gas grill or smelled your burner. It's kind of sulphery, grody.
I've asked other friends and they say it kinda of smells like gas. When the gas is ON (when I cook, no smell exists!).
Thoughts? Hubby thinks I'm insane, but I think he doesn't want to deal with this.

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