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new gas stove

acercampestre | Aug 29, 2011 08:56 AM

My 30 year old Caloric natural gas stove bit the dust. My old stove did not get to 18K btu but at least every burner simmered.

I have been shocked and annoyed that I can't find a decent stove that will he produce decent heat AND simmer on all four burners. I am about to buy a $3K Capital Stove (Precision series w/ 500$ rebate) that promises to provide that. This is way more than I planned to pay but it seems it is what I have to pay to get 4 burners that will do everything.

I am not a serious cook but I do enjoying cooking and need a good stove.

Does anyone know if there is another, less expensive stove I am missing that will do the trick?


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