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Best Gas Station Hot Dog in Los Angeles?


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Best Gas Station Hot Dog in Los Angeles?

ipsedixit | Oct 4, 2010 04:55 PM

Is there one?

Here's the thing.

I've found myself sort of addicted to the 7-Eleven hot dog.

I know deep down that it's sort of a pedestrian icky tuber (even though it's supposedly all-beef), and that it's not really "cooked" so much as left to the elements by just perpetually rolling along on those gnarly steamer grills like some science lab hamster on its exercise wheel after feeding time.

But I have this sort of strong, strange attraction to it, sort of like how Halley's Comet seems to grace our night sky every 75 some odd years. Every once in a while, I actually drive to a 7-Eleven specifically to get that hot dog.

Maybe it's the fact I can lard on as many accompaniments and toppings as that silly little paper dish-saucer thing can hold. I mean, seriously, with just the right ginormous amount of chili, cheese sauce, onions, ketchup, mustard, etc. I can make the perfect Franken-dog that tastes like the love child of an all-out orgy between a day-old NY street cart dog, a half-eaten Chicago dog, an Oki dog, and a big plate of baseball stadium nachos. Yum!

All of this got me wondering. Is there a better equivalent of the 7-Eleven hot dog to be found out there in the myriad of gas station "kitchens"?

If so, do tell.

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