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Funniest frozen turkey memories

Puffin3 | Mar 14, 201207:10 AM

There must be hundreds/thousands of funny stories about peoples experiences with frozen turkeys. How about putting some of them up?
This is mine. Many many years ago our family was driving into Banff on the 'Old Banff hwy'. Just outside Banff we came upon an eighteen wheeler that was on it's side in the ditch. The accident had just happened. The driver was standing beside his truck. When the trailer landed in the ditch the entire roof of the trailer had opened up like a sardine can. There were hundreds of frozen turkeys everywhere! In the ditch, in the trees, on the road. My dad after checking to see if the driver was OK asked what was going to happen to the turkeys. The driver didn't seem to care so my dad told my mom and us kids to hurry and get every turkey into the car as possible. Fortunately the car was a huge 'Kiaser Fraser'. We must have stuffed a hundred turkeys in the car. I remember driving home with frozen turkeys piled on my lap. What to do with all the turkeys? The turkeys were mostly given to relatives but we ended up with a bunch. We knew someone with a freezer locker but my parents decided to have them all cut in half first before going in the locker. My dad knew someone with a big band saw (remember, these turkeys were huge) and we dropped them off to be cut in half. An hour or so later we went over to get the cut in half turkeys. The man with the band saw had cut the turkeys in half all right. He had cut all of them across ways in stead of length ways! So for months we either had the front half or the back half.
Let's read your funniest turkey story.

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