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How do I get the "funk" out of my salmon???


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How do I get the "funk" out of my salmon???

Moimoi | Aug 26, 2009 04:56 PM

Not sure where Home Cooking posts go, but I just bought some poached salmon from Loblaws (Toronto) from their prepared foods section, and it was probably the BEST I've ever tasted! It was light, delicate, fresh, lots of lemon.... YUM!!

Quite the endorsement for a supermarket, I know, but more importantly, I want to know what I'm doing wrong. I ALWAYS seem to buy salmon that has a slightly "funky" taste to it... I'm not concerned about the freshness of the salmon I buy, but I'd like to know if that "gamey" taste is determined by either:

• wild or farmed
• Pacific, Atlantic
• Chinook, Coho or Sockeye, Steelhead...

I'm not an expert on salmon, but I'd appreciate any advice or guidance on which type of salmon to buy or how to prepare it to avoid THAT taste... I hope the only option to alleviate it isn't soaking it in milk for 24 hours because that's not always practical.


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