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Fun with Freebies [moved topic from Boston board]

chompie | Jul 13, 2006 06:58 AM

Warning.. all chain-haters will probably want to stop reading now...
We have been having fun with free meals and desserts for the past week or two. Hubby is calling it Food Camp.. and we started it with my birthday. I went onlline and search lots of local restaurants for their email clubs to check out freebies and printed up probably $100 worth of free food. And even chain food can be decent for free! So, if anyone is interested I will list out the places. If anyone knows more, or even can come up with some chompier non-chain places please add to the list!!
All you do is go to the websites and sign up. I did a couple last year, and several now, and so far no spam , and not too much annoying email from any of them..You dont have to use birthday coupons on birthday. Most have a two week span

Not Your Average Joes- birthday free meal and dessert (and not the lesser of the two entrees. The other person can order cheap, the birthday persons is free). Decent food. Great service

Sylvan Street Grille- Free birthday entree and dessert. Very decent. Great 7 layer choc cake or toll house pie. Also great early birds for 10.99 inc excellent clam chowder or salad and dessert.

Bennigans- birthday free entree and dessert, and also 5$ off 15 for joining. The salmon and tempura shrimp were actually pretty good!

Bugaboo Creek- Free dessert for birthdays. 10$ off meal for joining

Fridays- Free app for joining

Uno's Chicago -Free Pizza and Dessert and song for birthday. Free App. for joining. $5 off 15 coupons given to us after meal

Vinnie Testas- free dessert (they have a 10 off thing in the mail too)

Happy pigging out on non-chowish food!

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